Upper arm surgery (Dermatolipectomy)

Hanging, flabby skin on the upper arms makes a person quickly look physically old, especially if she wears short arm wear. Slack connective tissue or severe weight loss affects especially women with sagging skin on the upper arm.

Aesthetic plastic surgery offers patients the opportunity to remove superfluous, sagging skin as well as fatty tissue through the upper arm tightening operation. This allows the upper arm to reshape and it appears tighter, smoother and more evenly proportioned.

Through this operation, the contours of the arm are brought back into a harmonious overall picture. The patient loses the inhibitions of showing off in sleeveless clothing. However one should be aware that the upper arm is always left with a scar that can sometimes be long-term visible.

Relevant information about the upper arm lift:

  • OP duration: 1-2 hours
  • Treatment & anesthesia: in-patient and general anesthesia
  • Recovery time: Approximately 2 weeks
  • Aftercare. Compression garment  for approx. 4 weeks
  • Sports: after about 4 weeks
  • Scars: Inside and back of the arms
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