Breast Lift (MASTOPEXY) / Breast Reduction

  • Oversized heavy breasts can strongly affect a woman’s self confidence and can also lead to severe neck and back pain. Also pregnancies can often cause changes in the shape oft the breasts. Consequently many women feel inhibited during physical and sexual activity, which brings with it psychological problems. This can be remedied by a breast reduction and / or breast lift

    Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure for lifting and reshaping sagging or drooping breasts.

    During mastopexy, depending on the technique, deep nipples are often placed in a higher, more “youthful” position, and occasionally – if the areola is too large those are reduced in size. It may be that in a small breast, for example in volume loss after heavy weight loss or pregnancy, at the same time an enlargement of the breast is desired. This can be achieved with breast implants, which can be inserted during surgery at the same time as the breast lift.

    The surgery can improve the shape, firmness and size of the breast. In addition,  surgery can compensate for increased breast imbalances (asymmetries). Breastfeeding is usually not restricted by the breast lift. The scar pattern corresponds to that of the breast reduction, i.e. the scar runs around the areola and then vertically downwards in an inverted T-shape in the breast fold.


    Augmentation of the breast can also be carried out using autologous fat or by introducing a specially enriched stem cell fluid. This process is very similar to this: