• Our Recommendations & Cooperations

    Since 2017 Julia Neumeister works together with our practice in Mallorca. The cooperation arose because Julia has solved the knee problems of Dr. med. Hörstmann so far that he no longer needed surgery. His knee replacement surgery could be canceled and since then he had no more problems. His enthusiasm for the treatment knows no bounds.

    Julia about her treatment method:

    “Our physical and mental condition is the consistent state of our genetic makeup and all that we have experienced to this day, since the psyche and physical condition are inseparable, emotional trauma has a direct impact on our body, leaving areas of tension to block the flow of energy. Misfortunes and illnesses can arise until an organism becomes ill, and some emotionally charged events have to happen, which remain as areas of tension in the body, as well as physical traumas such as accidents, surgeries, etc., which leave behind energetic interference fields.

    Since my childhood, energetic phenomena have accompanied me until I became aware in adulthood that I have a special gift. During this time, I have learned to work with this ability and to refine it. Today I am able to detect stressful areas of tension in the organism directly and to dissipate them sustainably. This treatment relaxes our tissues, muscles and tendons. The entire body becomes “permeable”. The energy can flow again, body fluids can circulate again and our self-healing powers are activated. “

    For more information on Julia’s treatment methods, see her website .

  • Your contact person for the appointment with Julia Neumeister is Ms. Lina Salar, Phone number: +49 (0)174 444 7787.