• Eyelid Reduction

  • Drooping Eyelids

    In most cases the drooping eyelids occur in middle and old age. There is an excess of skin on the upper eyelid – the lids thus hang over the eyelashes hiding them and often impairing vision. This often gives the impression that the person is tired or even sad.

    The excess skin is removed together with a narrow strip of eyelid muscle. At the same time a small amount of fatty tissue at the medial aspect of the eye is removed. The face now seems to be alert and rather friendly.

  • Flaccid Lower Eyelids

    The sagging eyelids occur mostly in the elderly because the ligaments holding the eyelids are getting slack and produce a surplus of skin.
    In a surgical procedure under local anaesthesia the excess skin is removed. The incision is nearly invisible and is set on the lower eyelid below the lashes.

  • Bags under the eyes

    The puffiness may occur at an early age in men and women and is caused by fat surpluses in the eyelids. The eyelids and the connective tissue located underneath them slacken and causes the orbital fat pad which lies just under the eyelid skin, to swell.

    These eye bags can be removed surgically. Since the incisions are done in the conjunctiva pocket inside the lower eyelid, no external scars are visible. This operation achieves a very natural result.