• Abdominoplasty - "TUMMY TUCK"

    The skin loses elasticity and suppleness due to heavy weight gain and weight loss as well as pregnancy and the natural aging process.

    Therefore, the withdrawal ability of the abdominal skin and the reduction of the fatty tissue is no longer possible. In this case, no improvement is achieved through physical training or dieting.

    For this situation, the plastic-aesthetic surgery offers an abdominoplasty operation, also called “tummy tuck”. With this operation, the sagging abdominal skin is taken away and the abdominal muscles are tightened. At the same time, larger fat deposits as well as disfiguring or ugly stretch marks can be removed. Afterwards, the belly button is moved to its new correct position. The cut remains hidden by the modern method under the underwear or the bikini. In this way a tighter and more beautiful tummy can be formed which causes an overall slimmer appearance.