• Facelift

    During the aging process skin and the subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck lose their elasticity and holding capacity. Consequently the soft tissue relaxes, starts to sag and the nasal labial fold forms and the facial features become tired and de-energized. Wrinkles on the neck, sagging cheeks and sunken forehead and eyebrows are the result.

    Facelift Procedure

    When performing the facelift operation the skill and ability of the Plastic-Aesthetic Surgeon is paramount. The incision, which varies according to different patients anatomical conditions results in restoring and maintaining of the natural appearance.

    During the Facelift procedure the tissue layer called Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System of the face (SMAS) i.e. the muscles, fat and connective tissue are released and moved back to and are fixed at the right place. The skin in this most modern technique simply works as a covering medium and freshness and youthfulness are the result.

    Facelift Result