• Our Doctor's Office - Centro Médico Palmaplanas

    Our office is located in the complex Centro Médico Palmaplanas, right in front of the clinic Hospital QuirónSalud Palmaplanas, and offers a private atmosphere for those patients seeking confidentiality,  as well as the latest technology to ensure the best possible diagnosis. The direct connection with the mentioned private clinic, makes accessible and easier the inpatient care.

    A note on our own behalf: In our therapy, we only work surgically, we do not perform any injections, fillers or Botox therapy.

  • Hospital - Quirón Palma Planas

    Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas is a private clinic geared towards both Spanish and foreign clients which offers a comprehensive service based on knowledge and experience – that of its team of professionals – on its installations and health care equipment, and on its management and running.

    Set in pleasant, natural, convenient surroundings, with a surface area of over 87,000 square meters, Quirónsalud Palmaplanas can boast the most advanced technology and is perfectly connected to the island’s infrastructures.