• Diseases of Thyroid Gland

    Apart from the normal benign thyroid enlargements (cysts, hot and cold nodes, degenerative knots) malignant thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, and diseases of the parathyroid glands are treated.

    The diagnosis of these diseases is reached close cooperation with specialised physicians and doctors in the field of nuclear medicine (Scintigraphy). This ensures interdisciplinary control of the diagnosis and in each individual prepares the best therapy is applied, be it conservative or surgical.

    The operation itself uses state-of-the-art techniques. Patients receive the best possible treatment from highly experienced surgeons, who have a great deal of personal experience and continuous training due to the large number of cases. All patients are checked before and after surgery by a specialised ENT specialist for vocal cord function. Aesthetics also play a large role. The surgical incision is already marked before surgery and there is an extremely gentle preparation and suture technique (subcutaneous-corial adaptation sutures) in which no stitch channels are visible.