Breast enlargement with own tissue

A new technique using own-fat Stem Cell transfer

When considering increasing your breasts by one or two cup sizes, there is now a new and more advanced method available.  This gives the breasts a more natural appearance after treatment than was previously the case with implants.

In collaboration with the STEM Center of the Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas, we use the ASC (Adult Stem Cell) therapy for the breast build-up with the patient’s own tissue. Using this technique fat is taken out under general anaesthesia – usually from the abdominal wall and/or from the hips – and processed in the laboratory resulting with a solution enriched with adult stem cells.

With this technique the size of the hips and/or the abdominal wall can be reduced and the breasts can be enlarged and modelled in the same operation. Therefore two operations are done in one session: the amount of fat around the abdomen and hips is reduced and at the same time the breast tissue is enlarged and made firmer.

Stem cells are not only able to copy themselves and produce new fat cells, but also form additional blood vessels that keep the new tissue alive and  support the growing tissue.

This is the major difference to previously used own-fat transfers, which often resulted in unwanted side- effects such as cysts filled with liquid fat, nodules, and calcifications due to dead tissue.

It is based on the discovery that in addition to bone marrow and various other organs, our adipose(fat) tissue also contains enormous amounts of adult stem cells, that this new technique became available.

However, it is necessary for the application of this innovative own-fat transplant, that sufficient amount of own-fat is available approximately 660 ccm.

If this is the case, the new method is ideally suited to improve on existing tissue and replace missing tissue with a lot of other possible applications like:

  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
  • Replacement of implants with own-fat in the case of capsular fibrosis,
  • Filling of contour defects after breast-conserving therapy,
  • Contour corrections with existing implants
  • Covering of visible implant edges,

In addition to these operations other body regions can also be successfully treated with this technique:

  • Treatment of wrinkles and regeneration of the facial skin
  • Treatment of skin indentations
  • Body Shaping
  • Treatment of scars, wounds and damaged skin after radiation.

The breast enhancement with stem cells enriched own body tissue is performed using the minimal invasive procedure leaving only tiny, hardly visible scars. This technique is standardized and scientifically based.

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