• Proctology

    Proctology deals with the diseases of the rectum, the prevention of these diseases and their treatment.

    Most people have a variety of aches and pains in the area of the anus at one time or another. Most of them accuse hemorrhoids for these ailments and often treated with ointments, suppositories or sitz baths.

    However, the result is often disappointing because the reasons for the symptoms were different, and  many other diseases can also occur here. One should always keep in mind that there could be even malignant diseases behind the problem and should therefore not take complaints and especially bleeding in the anal area lightly.

    The diseases that fall into the field of proctology include in particular:

    • Faecal incontinence - problems controlling the fecal material

    • Hemorrhoids - enlarged or internal hemorrhoids causing discomfort.

    • Anal prolapse - Incidence of the mucous membrane of the anal canal     prolapsing through the anus.

    • Anal fissure - tear in the anus mucosa

    • Anal abscesses - an acute accumulation of pus and the acute precursor of an anal fistula

    • Anal fistula – canal containing pus, which empties into the intestine or the skin with purulent secretions

    • Foreign body in the anus and rectum

    • Perianal thrombosis - blood clots in the external veins of the anus ("outer hemorrhoids")

    • Enlarged skin tags on the anus anal eczema, pruritus ani

    • anal carcinoma, rectal cancer - malignancies of the anal canal or rectum

    • Condylomata acuminata (genital warts)

    • chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CED)

    • Coccyx fistula - chronic inflammatory disease of the gluteal fold

    All of these diseases are in the area of general surgery and we have been treating them successfully for several decades.