• Colorectal cancer

    This is the third most common carcinoma in men and women between the ages of 70 and 75.
    This carcinoma is often so close to the anus that in the past, with the “open” abdominal incision method, removal was only possible with simultaneous application of an artificial flap.

    About 10% of people under 50 have diverticula, about 50% of those people over 70 years of age. They are similarly common in women and men.

    Patients with diverticulitis who have severe pain or fever should be treated in hospital. In many cases, they are not allowed to eat any food. Instead, they are given infusions and antibiotics. Diverticulitis therapy often works without surgery.

    With the laparoscopic surgical technique that we use, significantly more patients can be operated on continually, i.e. without an artificial exit.

    The advantages of laparoscopic therapy are:

    • Less pain
    • Faster resumption of bowel activity, therefore faster diet building possible
    • Shorter hospitalization (3-5 days)
    • Smaller scars, lower wound infection rate
    • Faster restoration of work ability and physical activities.