• Colorectal Carcinoma

    This is the third most common carcinoma in men and women between the age of 70 and 75.
    Often, this carcinoma is so close to the anus that, with the “open” operating method, the removal was only possible with forming an artificial opening, leaving the patient with a bag for the stools.
    With the laparoscopic surgical technique that we use today, many more patients can be operated without having to rely on this rather unpleasant gaget.

    Advantages of laparoscopic therapy:

    • Less pain
    • Faster recovery of the intestinal activity, which makes it possible to
      get back faster to the normal diet.
    • Shorter hospitalization (3-5 days).
    • Smaller scars, lower rate of infection.
    • Faster recovery of working capacity and for physical activities.